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Image of 600+ pcs Gemstone Waistbead Making Kit

600+ pcs Gemstone Waistbead Making Kit



Includes 100 mixed round gemstone beads, 300 mixed gemstone chip beads, 1 bag of seed beads (black, white, clear, blue, red, indigo, yellow, red, green, golden, metallic purple & mixed color)
Contains at least 20 different gem types, labeled with gemstone chart!

Also includes tape measure, 100 ft of string, 100 crimp beads, 35 claps and gemstone chart.

BONUS ITEMS: 10 Nefertiti Charms completely FREE!

NOTE: Traditional African seed beads are glass, not gemstones. Your seed beads will be glass, but you'll ALSO receive 20 bags of GENUINE SEMI PRECIOUS GEMSTONE BEADS.

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