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Image of Manifestation Wand

Manifestation Wand


Carved by #FeliciaScissorHands from a fallen branch from the big Oak Tree that looms over our back yard fire circle.🔥🏡⚒️

She has
💎AMETHYST: 3rd Eye Activation
💎CITRINE: Clarity, focus, wealth, purifying
💎CARNELIAN: Creation energy
💎PYRITE: Wealth & protection
💎GARNET: Abundance & fearlessness
💎LAPIS: Higher spirituality
💎PERIDOT: Intuition & peace
And my favorite:
💎💎💎💎💎 An entire ring built of Quartz points for amplifying, empowering, manifesting... Formed as a circle of completion.

Nothing but gratitude pours into this project

About as long as my arm. I make each one differently based on the purpose and the visions.

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