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Manifestation Wand

$93.33 - $155.55

Carved by #FeliciaScissorHands from a fallen branch from the big Oak Tree that looms over our back yard fire circle.🔥🏡⚒️

She has
💎AMETHYST: 3rd Eye Activation
💎CITRINE: Clarity, focus, wealth, purifying
💎CARNELIAN: Creation energy
💎PYRITE: Wealth & protection
💎GARNET: Abundance & fearlessness
💎LAPIS: Higher spirituality
💎PERIDOT: Intuition & peace
And my favorite part in building this wand:
An entire ring of Quartz points for amplifying, empowering and manifesting. Formed as a circle of completion 🙏🏿

Nothing but gratitude pours into these projects. Unique to each individual.

About as long as my arm. I make each one differently based on the purpose and the visions.

This is a thick Copper Pipe that is FILLED SOLID end to end with crystals. Lots of Quartz for manifesting as Quartz is the Master Crystal, connecting us deeper into the Law of Attraction. Many other crystals are added by request and at times spirit leads me to add more ancient beauties.

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