Manifestation Wand

$93.33 - $253.33
Manifestation Wand

Nothing but gratitude pours into these projects. Unique to each individual.

Made by Felicia.

Each one made differently based on the purpose(s) that you request and the visions that Felicia receives while building it which she then shares with you and any advice if needed (at no cost).

2 Options:

1. WOOD- Felicia goes foraging for the branch that speaks to her, chops it down when called to, carves and sculpts it, then she adorns it with copper and the crystals of your choice.

2. COPPER WAND-This is a thick Copper Pipe that she FILLS SOLID end to end with crystals. Lots of Quartz for manifesting as Quartz is the Master Crystal, connecting us deeper into the Law of Attraction. Many other crystals are added by request and at times spirit leads her to add more ancient beauties.

Due to large size of packaging required, shipping is a little extra for these.

  • Wood
  • Solid Copper
  • Walking Staff (3x thicker wood, 3.5 ft long)
Manifestation Wand Manifestation Wand