*NEW* Orisha Bracelets and Necklace Pendants

$12.34 - $22.22
*NEW*  Orisha Bracelets and Necklace Pendants

The orishas are to be worn for symbolizing and harnessing their energies in your relationships with them. They are not to be worn merely for style or trends. Please do your own research. We do not bless them or perform any ceremonies for you. That is left to each individual and your personal Journey.

Our Orisha bracelets and Ilekes also contain the gemstone associated with each Orisha. We do not use the cheap glass beads that will peel later on. They are permanently colored, mixed with gemstone beads in the center.

The charms for the charm bracelets are based on the favorite items and weapons of each Orisha.

The Gemstones of each Orisha are as follows:

Onyx, Lava, or Obsidian for Esu/Ellegua
Hematite, Pyrite, or Peridot, for Ogun
Yellow Calcite for Ochosi
Garnet or Amethyst for Oya
Carnellian for Sango
Citrine for Osun
Labradorite for Yemoja
Howlite or Clear Quartz for Obatala
Amazonite (or cowrie shells) for a Orunmila

For the ALL-ORISHAS bracelet and Ileke, we place them in this specific order for these reasons:

Esu/Ellegua is at the beginning to symbolize opening the gates for the rest of the Orishas.
In the order of progress: once Esu chooses a path, Ogun then clears the way with his machete, then Ochosi following through with his boss and arrow, the point of precision and focus.

In our ALL-ORISHAS bracelet, the 2 warriors trade places in our pattern for Ocho to allow Ogun to be next to the wife with whom he gets the most done and that is Oya.

Sango is then placed next which allows Oya to be in between her two husband's. After Sango we add the beads of Osun which allows Sango to be in between two of his wives.

Osun then rests between her favorite King and
Yemoja. Yemoja is placed next to Osun to add motherly wisdom to Osun's lack of motherly skills reminding the Osun woman to put her children first no matter how sensual she may be. Obatala the fatherly wise one is next to Yemoja symbolizing the wisdom of woman and man being side-by-side.

All of the Orishas are leading up to Orunmila who dispersed all their abilities among them. Finally the last set of beads is a second set of Esu to symbolize the way we ask Esu to close the gates one were done with ceremony.